Hammer Construction Corp


Spry-after-1On any given day, you’ll find multiple Hammer crews working in residences anywhere from the Florida Keys to the Treasure Coast. Working in and on homes is something we do on a daily basis, and, as our affiliates who recommend us to their clients can attest, it is something we pride ourselves on doing well.

Our crews are clean, courteous, and professional, with every employee having to pass extensive background screening. Our management teams are committed and experienced, and they work hard to tailor Hammer’s services to the needs of each particular homeowner.

Moreover, Hammer’s residential teams routinely execute all aspects of residential construction, from design and management, to building turn-key homes from the ground up. On the repair and renovation side, Hammer performs structural and finish work on residences of every kind.

Most importantly, though, we know that your home is your most cherished space. And so when building or repairing your home, we at Hammer aim to deliver much more than the perfect product—we strive to deliver the perfect experience.