Hammer Construction Corp

Large Loss

hammer_construction_of_central_florida003004 In the chaotic aftermath of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, even the most basic materials and services can become nearly impossible to obtain.

This poses a formidable challenge to contractors who so often struggle with encumbering shortages and uncertainty. By cultivating our business through the hurricanes of Florida, as well as the earthquakes of California, we have developed the various techniques and financial capacity to negotiate the numerous and, for many, crippling obstacles encountered during post-disaster restoration.

We’ve performed comprehensive post-disaster repair plans for major entities and institutions such as Hendry County, Okeechobee County, the City of Punta Gorda and the Archdiocese of Miami. We’ve repaired and rebuilt City Halls, Courthouses, Fire Stations and places of warship. We’ve resurrected parks and sanitary facilities, and helped restore the most basic components of a community’s infrastructure in the aftermath of some of history’s most destructive storms.

Put simply: when disaster hits, few in the industry can pick up the pieces quite like Hammer.