Hammer Construction Corp

Concrete Restoration & 40 Year

Okeechobee_County_Courthouse---after In Florida, one of our greatest assets is also one of our most costly liabilities: our nearby ocean. The corrosive properties of salt carried ashore from ocean breezes often wreak havoc on the steel-reinforced concrete buildings scattered along our coastal regions. Often times, building owners and managers are completely unaware of the extent to which their buildings, particularly oceanfront balconies, are in need of concrete restoration services.

With this in mind, Hammer has developed concrete inspection and restoration services for building owners across Florida. Our approach is specifically designed to cost-effectively salvage and repair existing concrete elements of structures with minimal operational impact.

In addition to our concrete inspection and restoration services, Hammer specializes in conducting 40-year inspections; something most commercial buildings are legally required to have performed. This service is particularly valuable to clients whose structures may require life-safety and code upgrades, as Hammer can both identify and remedy any deficiencies that may exist.